Agenda 21 in a syringe: Global health security initiative

By Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD

(INTELLIHUB) — The usual gang of genocidal maniacs is at it again.  You know who they are (and, thanks to NSA, et. al, they know who YOU are!)  Their newest creation: the Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI).[1]

The WHO, IMF, World Bank, the US and the usual helpful depopulation NGOs[2] have a new verse to their Kill The Useless Eaters Rag hit(man) tune.  This may be the most ingenious one so far – and the deadliest!

Here’s the chorus (which, oddly enough, seems to work equally well in just about every language):

We need ‘em dead

Don’t want ‘em fed

Useless eaters’ human forces

Consume OUR non-renewable natural resources!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

And the newest verse?

People are sources of infection,

Vectors of disease in every direction.

Making sure that they are dead

Mean’s there’s nothing they can spread

They cannot reproduce:

So diseases are reduced.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

They have created a new plan to “control” infectious disease and antibiotic resistance called the Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI)[3] which, in 9 dryly worded, reasonable sounding points neatly wipes out your freedom, your movement, your health choice including your right to refuse vaccines or other “treatment” and, in fact, you very right to be alive[4].  If you are alive, after all, you are a potential site of, and source for, infection.  But their scientists-on-a-leash solved that one:

Make sure you are dead. In infection, no transmission, no descendants to become infected and transmit disease – and it’s all to keep you safe!

The UN Secretary General has a couple of red-hot protégés[5], who have come up with this devastatingly crazy solution to the problem:  Reducing population means fewer people to get infections and to spread it.  It also means they cannot reproduce so their children will not be born, meaning THEY cannot get or spread infection.[6],[7]  VOILA! Abracadabra!  Shazam!  The world just became safer because there are now fewer infected people and their progeny!

To make things even better, the GHSI wants to eliminate antibiotic resistance, too[8].  Never mind that captive, corporatist regulators created the problem, which kills huge numbers of people per year, created the problem by allowing factory farm use of antibiotics to keep stressed and sick animals alive[9],[10] and permitting genetic markers of antibiotic resistant genes to be used in patented GMO life and “food” forms.[11],[12],[13]  These genes create antibiotic resistance in the environment, the food chain and – in us.

These dangerous practices were long predicted to create the antibiotic resistance problem which we have now but regulators have their salaries paid by the government but their futures assured by the industries that they supposedly regulate.  The lure to deep corruption and betrayal of the public trust is irresistible for most.  The cost is life and health for all.

By the way, about 90% of the world’s antibiotic trade is in factory farms.  The highly profitable business model is to make sick animals sicker, get us to eat them and then make us even sicker so we use – drugs (or, better yet, use drugs and then die).

Of course, if the initiators of GHSI actually wanted to solve these problems, they would abandon the ineffective and dangerous vaccine route, give up on antibiotics which are expensive, toxic and not particularly good for long-term solutions, as we have seen, and concentrate on safe, inexpensive, deployable and available natural solutions to the global health problems.

Unless, of course, the global health problems are the solution to another problem! Such as alleged over population, perhaps?

GSHI would be vigorously developing and recommending the deployment of Nano silver, which is effective against every known disease-causing organism and which has zero toxicity for any person in any condition.[14]

They would also be using their immense resources for the deployment of the technologies which have been shown over and over to eliminate infectious disease: clean and abundant food and water, clean air, improved hygiene.  These are the strategies that reduced diseases in the 20th century, not dangerous vaccines or even antibiotics.

Of course, there is another way to halt the global infectious disease threat: stop creating it.

Laboratories of private companies like Monsanto create monstrosities and then skip free of any consequences.  For example, it appears that MSRA was created in a laboratory in France and flushed down the drain by lab personnel.[15]  MSRA kills hundreds of thousands of people or more each year.[16]

New genetic monstrosities like the avian flu (H1N1) apparently intentionally re-crafted with the genetic sequence that made the 1918 flu so deadly woven into it and, evidence suggests, SARS[17],,[18],[19] and Swine Flu (H5N1)[20],[21] may well all  be lab creations: all gifts that keep on giving, via the vaccines that are so strongly correlated with their spread[22],[23],[24].

The hybrid Avian Flu came out of a Mount Sinai School of Medicine 6 year project sponsored not by Osama Bin Ladin, but by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)[25]. Swine Flu appears to have originated in a WHO lab.[26],[27]

To stop the spread of infection, the globalist “health” community could stop producing deadly organisms. That would help a lot, it seems to me.

But GHSI has another idea.  Instead, they propose to centralize the dangerous organisms for both research and storage.  Hmmmm.  Good idea.  Make the facilities, which are inherently vulnerable, fewer in number so they can be penetrated, seized, used by the already demonstrably insane genocidalists.

“Mistakes” like the one that Baxter made (when it had an exclusive contract with 18 European countries to supply vaccines in the event of a flu pandemic) when it sent vast amounts of vaccine contaminated with live, infective H1N1 virus to those 18 countries won’t happen again, right?[28] What a great plan.

Clearly, the lunatic Global Health Security Initiative must be halted.  We need your help to do that.  Visit NOW to tell your legislators and decision makers not to fund or support GHSI immediately.  Then send the link to everyone you can reach.

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Act as if your life depends upon it.  It does



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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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