Airbnb blocks and cancels D.C. inauguration week reservations in name of “safety”

Is Airbnb's move against D.C. bookings on inauguration week a way of targeting protesters?

Airbnb has blocked reservations for those attempting to stay within the D.C. metro area inauguration week.

The company confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that a number of its applicants have been linked to a hate group or previous riot activity.

“Today, in response to various local, state and federal officials asking people not to travel to Washington, D.C., we are announcing that Airbnb will cancel reservations in the Washington, D.C. metro area during the Inauguration week,” a statement posted to the official Airbnb blog delivers. “Additionally, we will prevent any new reservations in the Washington, D.C. area from being booked during that time by blocking such reservations.”

“As we’ve learned through media or law enforcement sources the names of individuals confirmed to have been responsible for the violent criminal activity at the United States Capitol on January 6, we’ve investigated whether the named individuals have an account on Airbnb,” the statement reads. “Through this work, we have identified numerous individuals who are either associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved in the criminal activity at the Capitol Building, and they have been banned from Airbnb’s platform.”

The bold move comes only days after the company vowed to increase its safety operations.

Poll: Is Airbnb’s move against D.C. bookings on inauguration week a way of targeting protesters?

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