Alex Jones bullhorns White House, calls on President Trump to “go after big tech” censorship

“Stop big tech censorship.”

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Radio talk show host and Infowars founder Alex Jones bullhorned outside the White House on Tuesday where he called for President Donald Trump to take action and put an end to big tech censorship.

“Big tech runs fake news,” Jones said. “Protect the American people from big tech censorship, President Trump.”

Jones told passersby that he has been “standing for the republic and have honorably been fighting for this republic and its reboot.”

“This is the foreign election meddling,” Jones shouted. “…we need you to stand against big tech censorship, President Trump.”

Jones said that the media is coming after him for help to get Donald Trump elected.

“President Trump, please save the First Amendment. Please do the right thing and stand up against big tech… Fox News is already starting to turn against you.”

“In closing, you need to release Julian Assange… he’s an honerable person,” Jones said.