(INTELLIHUB) — CNN news analyst and conservative political commentator Buck Sexton was called out by radio talk show host Alex Jones Sunday, as being a CIA operative shill.

“[…] I love these modern CIA guys who never actually went up against anybody, never were in the field, never did anything and they just sit there as analysis and go on T.V. and lie their prey the American people and everyone thinks it’s so sexy,” Jones said on-air.

“If they are openly stealing elections and canceling them in front of everybody […] it’s just so creepy […] We are ruled by Don Lemon and Buck Sexton, cause’ they go in little CIA briefing rooms and get taught the latest ways to con everybody.”

Jones went on to point out that “this election theft will blow up in” elite’s faces “within a year” and warned the Establishment what will happen if they try to fully “takeover the country.”

“The government has a nine-percent approval rating and you are on borrowed time,” Jones warned.

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