AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Alex Jones held a press conference Friday to explain just how fed up he is with corporate media outlets that recently twisted the facts and failed to report the details about ongoing court proceedings with his ex-wife pertaining to the custody of their 3 children.

Earlier in the day Jones tweeted: “I will give a press conference regarding my custody case at 4:00 cst, on the steps of the Travis County courthouse 1000 Guadalupe St.”

In true Jones fashion, the Infowars founder made it clear to members of the media in attendance that they will be held accountable to report the truth as he streamed the event in its entirety online.

“We are going back three years ago,” Jones said. “I didn’t file for divorce — I never tried to take my kids away from my ex-wife. Four separate times she filed to take them away.”

Jones criticized the media in front of the courthouse steps and said that state officials were the ones that suggested his kids remain in his custody in the first place and that it was his ex-wife who was actually the one attempting to “alienate” them.

“Everything was cherry picked,” the radio talk show host explained. “Just like we’re showing this live feed right now — we will show what we actually said versus what MSM shows and how it’s taken out of context.”

Jones said the media is desperate to call him “fake news” because his platform is reaching 40 million to an upwards of 85 million viewers in aggregate a week which the T-Rex of talk radio says is in some cases bigger than rivaling mainstream news programs like the Rachel Maddow Show and others.

“This is one of the first trials where you have corporate establishment mercenary media perched in the courtroom literally cherry picking, twisting, and distorting everything and that’s why it has accelerated the demise of the corporate media,” he said. ‘At the end of the day, it’s just divorce stuff.’

The Infowars founder says that he just has to trust in what the judge says.

Jones’ lawyer made a “broad and general” statement on the matter and reiterated that it’s up to the judge and they may know nothing until mid-to-late May.

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