Alex Jones: CNN is “lying” about and “bullying” Infowars

Radio talk show host Alex Jones lays out how CNN, Facebook and others are suppressing the alternative media

King of the Alternative Media Alex Jones explained during his show on Friday how CNN has been “lying” about and “bullying” the outspoken talk show host and his popular Internet-based news agency Infowars in recent days.

Jones talked about how the mainstream media has gone “too far too fast” and said they’ve become “desperate” as the so-called “blue wave” has died.

“Now they’re going to go for broke […] and they’ve been caught,” Jones explained. “So they went and moved on then to saying that I beat up a kid and Forbes did it as well.”

Jones said the allegations are “fake news.”

Facebook has placed a 30-day ban on one of Jones’s Facebook pages for reportedly violating Facebook’s terms of service and four of Jones’s video have been pulled from social media in an effort to restrict him.

“They have all called for me to be banned for months […] and shadow banning has been going on for five years.”