AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — “The fruits of Donald Trump right now are the most delicious, wholesome, good things for the people of the world,” radio talk show host Alex Jones told his listeners Wednesday on his show. Jones added that both himself and Trump have “credibility,” but are being widely attacked by factions of the media.

“I know they’ve been panicked by Trump. I know they’ve thrown everything they can at him and it has failed.”

Jones then questioned what they will try and do to Trump next and went on to say:

“[…] will they still try and steal it — will they assassinate him […] — or will they try to co-opt him?”

If Trump does it “his way” he may get what he wants, but the Establishment may try and sway him, so the people need to keep him “honest,” Jones said.

“[…] if they think he’s really fighting the New World Order they’re going to put a bullet in him.”

“Now that he’s moving into the prime position, the real, next level, chess game starts,” said Jones.

Overall Trump is a “nationalist” who wants to “save America and become the next George Washington.”

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