Alex Jones warns ‘JADE HELM 15 not a drill’ but rather a “cover for military occupation”


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Jones: ‘Texas is pulling out of the Federal Reserve ahead of JADE HELM’

By Shepard Ambellas

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — On Saturday, June 20, radio talk show host and alternative news figurehead Alex Jones released an “emergency alert” videocast on YouTube stating that the “elite are now evacuating” the United States ahead of Jade Helm 15, which Jones now says is not a drill.

“I want to just be clear. You need to listen extremely carefully to what I’m saying”, said Jones.

“It hit me this morning […] I wasn’t clearly recognizing the writing on the wall for what it is”.


Jones stated that he received “two different calls […] by extremely prominent wealthy people” who asked him why he wasn’t leaving the U.S. “by October.”

“[…] you get so close to a problem when you are an expert that you kinda get blind.”

According to Jones the callers had “high-level inside […] and military connections” that are now “getting out of the United States.”

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“I’m not here to scare you”, Jones said, pointing out how we “are in alarming times.”

“[…] Europe has began to plunge into the worst economic crisis since the 1920’s and 30’s this week and it’s barely in U.S. news and it gets worse.”

“[…] Central banks are having runs on them by governments for gold […] everybody’s got this bad feeling.”

“Why are some of the super wealthy preparing bug out locations?”, Jones asks, quoting a Zero Hedge article and others.

Jones continues to read other headlines from “this week” alone demonstrating that something is not right.

“There is a pile of gold in Manhattan and Texas wants it back”, Jones quotes Bloomberg.

“Texas is pulling its gold out of the private Federal Reserve and JADE HELM is coming up. They know which states aren’t going to go along, which state leaderships won’t go along with martial law. I thought JADE HELM was just a drill at first, I didn’t know why they freaked out so bad ahead of time. It’s the cover for military occupation of the Southwest and I have been told that by high-level military now.”

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“I can’t even believe it’s actually happening […] it’s so epic.”

Jones also says that there is a “50 to 60 percent chance” that we will go to war with “Russia” in the near future.

Is the shit going to hit the fan in America by October?

It’s possible

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