Infowars founder Alex Jones warned on Monday of newly emerging Internet censorship tactics which seem to be aimed only at those who oppose the official narrative and which to push the boundaries of free speech in America.

The recent wave of lavish online attacks against Jones and others like him (such as Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas and Diamond and Silk) goes to show just how desperate the deep state corporatocracy has become and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the powers that be will stop at nothing in order to regain any aspect or apparatus of control they’ve lost following President Donald Trump’s inauguration as POTUS.

“We knew it was coming,” Jones said. “We knew it was coming. The whole thing was formulaic. First demonize Infowars, lie about us, build a strawman, then sue us to add credibility to that, then add a couple of fake strikes on YouTube and Facebook with nebulus terms like ‘bullying children’ and ‘Islamaphobia’ and then wa-lah, ban Infowars completely off of dozens of major platforms where we were all in the top ten and top five news feeds.”

Four years ago social media networks started to ‘shadow ban’ outspoken users as a means to squelch their voice but today the same agencies are pulling the plug on outspoken voices altogether.