Alleged Pizzagate pedophile ringleader John Podesta toys with conspiracy theorists, tweets, “pizza is great”

Close friends to alleged Pizzagate figurehead James Alefantis show their support after his P.R. piece was published in the New York Times


WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis came out in a public relations piece published by the New York Times Thursday addressing people who the pizzamaker says are still clinging to an “absurd lie” when it comes to the Pizzagate conspiracy.

“Sadly, many people who don’t know me or my neighborhood cling to an absurd lie: that I and political figures including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, run a child-slavery ring out of Comet’s basement,” Alefantis wrote.

The pizza shop owner has been plagued with unwanted attention ever since the story broke in the mainstream press after a man, an actor, by the name of Edgar Welch went to ‘self-investigate’ Comet Ping Pong personally which resulted in the man firing a shot from a rifle inside the D.C. pizzeria.

Most recently, on Friday, in what can only be considered a tumultuous move by the alleged ringleader of the Pizzagate conspiracy, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager John Podesta tweeted something very provocative, stirring up a shitstorm throughout the Pizzagate research community.

john podesta
Center For American Progress/Flickr

“I know I’m asking for it but the community is great and the pizza is great too. Thanks James,” Podesta tweeted, linking to James Alefantis’ article titled “What happened when ‘Pizzagate’ came to my restaurant.”

Needless to say, soon after, tweets slamming Podesta and Alefantis started trickling into the feed.

“RETWEET if you think John Podesta should be locked up for his part in PizzaGate and the Clinton Crime Family! #MAGA,” one tweet read.

Another read: “#Podesta is the biggest creep HE needs to be thrown in jail and tormented for years #Pizzagate #CometPingPong.”

And, as expected, we even saw a tweet or two from David Seaman who is one of the leading Pizzagate researchers.

“When you’re in prison, I will send your cell mates printouts of James Alefantis’ despicable “pizza” Instagram. You will pay, David Brock,” Seaman tweeted.

Of course, Media Matters of America founder David Brock chimed in showing his support for the pizza shop owner by tweeting: “Powerful piece by James Alefantis, whose resilience and verve have inspired me for more than 15 years.”

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