Unmanned ‘Amazon’ Arial Drones will Eventually Deliver to Your Doorstep

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By Shepard Ambellas

Unmanned “Amazon” drones will eventually be delivering packages to your doorstep in 30 minutes — skies to be filled with drones in ‘5-years’.

SEATTLE (INTELLIHUB) — In a recent 60 Minutes Overtime special which aired on CBS, the massive Internet book sales firm Amazon invited the network over to take a sneak peek at their new project which was highly secretive until now.

While Amazon yearns to sell everything as fast as possible, soon an unmanned aerial vehicles will be capable of delivering packages to your doorstep rather swiftly. An Amazon spokesman stated in the interview, that “the big idea is half-hour delivery. You order something and within a half-hour a drone lands at your doorstep, then off it goes”. They are called “octacopters” and will navigate via GPS instrumentation and guidance.

Like a scene out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, the skies will soon be abuzz with technology likely leading to more stringent airspace flight rules and regulations over major metropolitan areas.

Right now the drones feature 8 different propellers, which are highly versatile and maneuverable. Amazon says that they are about 5-years away from making the technology a fully functioning success.

C.E.O. of Amazon, Jeffrey P. Bezos said during the CBS interview that he was always “nerdy” and did well in school. Bezos, is quite modest as he even drives a Honda in which he said “is perfectly good”.

(Photo: Wired)


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