Amazon extends olive branch to Megyn Kelly over book reviews, “flood of one-star ratings”

More Establishment ties?

(INTELLIHUB) — It looks as if Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s new book publisher, Harper Collins, may have been concerned with a plethora of negative book reviews posted by ‘Trump trolls’ on Amazon, resulting in Amazon censoring free speech by removing a score of reviews from the website entirely, reports say.

Apparently Kelly’s new memoir titled Settle For More missed the mark so much that “a whopping 76% of all reports were one-star” at one point, before Amazon made adjustments in an effort to aide Kelly, according to

Although USA Today and others are touting negative reviews as ‘attacks from pro-Trump trolls,’ Kelly’s negative reviews only stem from Kelly herself, who serves as a played out die-hard Establishment mouthpiece for the corporate elite.

She’s been “trying to suck up to Rupert Murdoch for that twenty-million dollar contract,” one lady told Intellihub.

‘She’s courting him [Murdoch],’ the lady said.

Currently Kelly’s book has a 2.4 0ut of a 5 star rating on

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