America today parallels Nazi Germany


The resemblance of America, today, parallels that of NAZI Germany in almost every way

By Tony Elliott

(INTELLIHUB) — We got to this point beginning with the George H. W. Bush Administration’s vision of a New World Order. Shortly after the unnecessary first Gulf War, in the guise of liberating Kuwait from the evil Iraqi forces of Saddam Hussein, who was previously considered a friend to the US during the Reagan Administration. Immediately after the war, George H. W. Bush proclaimed his vision of a New World Order and signed the United Nations’ Agenda 21 which literally gave away any form of sovereignty as an independent country the US had to the UN.

Since 9-11, and the resulting Patriot Act went into effect, we have witnessed the door opened for a complete Socialistic Dictatorship to rule over the American people, as we now see with the Obama Administration. We as a country have allowed NAZISM to gain such a hold on our society that nothing short of armed revolution by the American people will stop it.

The definition of NAZI is, “The ideology and practice of the Nazis, especially the policy of racist nationalism, national expansion, and state control of the economy.”

In today’s America, we have the Federal government expanding into every aspect of our society. We also have racial tensions created by the government itself, in hopes of keeping us divided.

Since the George W. Bush Administration, we have had the Federal government expand more than it ever had previously, since 1776. Since the Obama Administration seized power, we have witnessed the government taking complete control over every aspect of our lives and through such laws as the National Defense Authorization Act and others. This growth of the federal government includes the countless Executive Orders Obama has signed, making him essentially a Supreme Dictator with complete power over the people.

We also have the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) which gives the government total access to all personal information of all Americans. This was the goal in the first place, since anyone poor enough to need Obama Care, couldn’t afford it. Thus, it really never was about health care but control and the excuse for the government to pry into our personal information.

To get a concrete picture of just how this country now resembles NAZI Germany, comparisons must be made between the two countries.

  1. NAZI Germany was a Tyrannic state where the government monitored everything German citizens did and said.

Today in America, via the Patriot Act, we now have everything we do and say monitored. The NSA and CIA monitor all domestic phone usage, internet activity, personal bank accounts, as well as know our every move and conversations by having cameras and audio devices at every street corner.

  1. NAZI officials used to get great joy at forcing citizens to morally degrade themselves.

Now, in America we have the TSA pat us down, perform body cavity searches when the slightest suspicion is aroused, run us through body scanners, feel up and nude scan our children, confiscate personal belongings, and demand papers proving who you are.

  1. Hitler removed Easter in the school system and honored that time of year as the beginning of spring.

Sound familiar?

  1. Hitler promoted environmentalism and was a vegetarian.

Currently in America, we have radical environmentalism, the worship of Mother earth, and celebrate Earth Day.

  1. NAZI’s killed some 270,000 handicapped and mentally ill people by euthanasia.

We are poised to do the same on a massive scale through Obama Care.

  1. Hitler prevented anyone with an opposing view on the airwaves.

Today, we have countless bills from the past to present, designed to limit free speech. Currently, we have the Hate Crime Reporting Act on the table, which seeks to severely limit opposing views to the Administration.

  1. NAZI Germany had the SS.

In America, we currently have Homeland Security, which would be completely unnecessary, if it weren’t simply for keeping an eye on and controlling US citizens.

  1. In NAZI Germany, government regulation of business was grossly out of control.

The same exists here in America today.

  1. In NAZI Germany, gun control was a main issue.
  2. Christians were mocked and made fun of during that time.
  3. NAZI German Deficit was intentionally kept high to induce reliance on the government through social programs.

In America, we currently have the largest deficit ever with no end in sight, and more people out of work than during the Great Depression; making dependence on the government essential to millions.

We also have the Illegal Immigration issue, responsible for the collapse of the job market since millions of people who do not belong here are taking what jobs there are from actual citizens. Yet, another ploy to keep us dependent on the government.

I could go on providing hundreds of examples that demonstrate the similarities, but one thing is clear: American citizens have been duped into accepting a return of NAZISM in the guise of safety.

It has never been our safety and security the government is interested in. It has been knowing our every move, with a plan to controlling us when the time comes, where we will have had enough of it all and take up arms to restore our country to a Constitutional government.

The primary objective of the NSA, CIA, TSA, Homeland Security, to protect the country from enemies. However, they only are interested in spying on, and scrutinizing American citizens. This fact lets us know who they think the real enemy is.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost.
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