American football fans so caught up in game they failed to notice their support for Korea


NFL jerseys bare tag reading “Made in Korea”

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — That’s right football fans, your love for the great American sport and the National Football League, the NFL, which boasts 32 professional teams to choose from, has blinded you to the fact that you are actually supporting a foreign economy that has nothing to do with America.

In fact beer drinking, hotdog eating, peanut crunching fans should almost be ashamed of themselves as they sit on their plush living room couches rooting for their favorite team, engaging in a non-physical event that has managed to do nothing more than dumb down the populace stateside, while being projected onto your screen.

That’s right by watching football on your T.V. set you are simply lazy, not expending any energy of your own, as real helmeted warriors battle each other physically on the field.

But more importantly, the vast majority of sporting attire is not even made in the United States. So I guess you could say your love for football is supporting other economies abroad.

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Epic fail.

Get out there on the field yourselves.


Use products actually “Made in the USA”.

End of story.

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