America’s failed infrastructure — An in-depth analysis by Webster Tarpley

Popular author, historian and news contributor Webster Tarpley tells it like it is in an exclusive Intellihub News interview, raw and uncut

By Staff Writer

CHANTILLY, V.A. (INTELLIHUB) — “The oligarchs, the elitists, hate technology”, said author and historian Webster Tarpley going on to talk about minute details of the U.S. economy and the Interstate highway system, pointing out obvious flaws in America’s infrastructure.

Tarpley also mentions high-speed rail, mag-lev technology, which he believes would also benefit the economy. “This would change you life, this would be progress to you”, Tarpley pointed out continuing to talk about how most government infrastructure projects become sabotaged.

Tarpley also appears in SHADE the Motion Picture.

(Image: Intellihub News/ Shepard Ambellas)