Ammon Bundy reads, talks about, book banned in prison: Behold a Pale Horse

"It's very obvious that either they have crafted this or they are using this as you know the catalyst to accomplish what they want."


(INTELLIHUB) — Ammon Bundy told Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas on Episode #12 of Intellihub Podcast that before his acquittal while locked up awaiting trial for allegedly occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge with a number of others in 2016 he read “Behold a Pale Hore,” a book Bundy claims has been banned in prison.

“There is a list of books not allowed in Prison and I go to that list and what do you know this book is on it,” Bundy explained to Shep as he held up a copy of William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse which had no front or back cover due to the fact that they had been previously removed. “That explains why the cover is ripped off of it.”

“I don’t know how it got inside but somebody ripped the covers off of it so it wouldn’t get taken from them and then it ended up in my hands,” he said. “The title of the book was called ‘Behold a Pale Horse.'”

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“He was privy to a whole bunch of information that I guess the rest of the people normally weren’t and he documented that–he kept record of it and then he wrote this book…,” Bundy said. “As I read through this book it was amazing… this was the plan that. they were planning clear back then… [the late 80s to early ’90s]. “It talks about exactly what they are planning with FEMA–a health crisis.”


“It is exactly what is happening,” he explained. “We see it–it is laying itself out completely.”

“It’s very obvious that either they have crafted this or they are using this as you know the catalyst to accomplish what they want,” he said. “The fact is is that people need to wake up and they need to become aware and they need to begin in uniting in a greater fashion… and at least secure themselves and their neighbors and friends that will unite against what is about to happen.”

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