Amsterdam’s Aerosol GeoEngineering – Update February 10, 2011

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February 11, 2011

To present all of the information regarding Chemical (Chemtrail) Aerosol GeoEngineering (aka Persistent Jet Contrails) at this stage would be a monumental task for anyone.

There is so much evidence in form or another that the question of Cloud Manipulation, Weather Modification and Aerosol GeoEngineering is now mute.

Ample evidence exists, primarily online in the form of videos. For these programs to continue at this point only points to powerful forces at work to keep this once covert program in operation.

The big question on GeoEngineering is WHAT ARE THEY SPRAYING?

At the 2010 United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, an agreement to stop Aerosol GeoEngineering Programs Worldwide was established – humanity might be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Not only was there an acknowledgement of these programs, but an appreciation and concern for the potentially toxic nature of these GeoEngineering Programs.

Therefore, those who nevertheless want to do research and experiments on geoengineering should be confined to laboratory tests and computer modeling. Otherwise, the rest of the world will be exposed to geoengineering activities, which are billed as “experiments” but could have serious impacts.

Global action is urgently needed to stop unilateral attempts to manipulate the cli mate through geoengineering, that will have impact on many others. COP 10 should endorse the recommendations from SBSTTA 14, ensuring that geoengineering activities are not permitted and that any research is confi ned to laboratories and modeling and not be allowed to take place in the real world.

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