Anaheim Police Open Fire on Innocent Men, Women & Children


By Avalon
July 23, 2012

In what can only be described as a complete breakdown of law and order, Anaheim Police opened fire on innocent Men, Women & Children in an effort to break up a gathering of spontaneous protestors.

The rounds fired were non-lethal rubber, but the fact that no warning was issued to disperse and the shooting was spontaneous and unwarranted by the Anaheim Police indicates no sense of civilian safety or legal procedure.

None of these people were suspected of committing a crime nor warned of any impending force that was to be used.

Even when police are about to taze someone (usually for no apparently justified reason) they are warned before-hand so that they can comply with police requests.

Police tazings are way down due to the outrage by average citizens who have captured on videos the brutal and inhuman use of this type of non-lethal force.

The news of this event has gone viral, which might explain why police allegedly were offering cash for video of the incident to people who had captured the incident.

According to reports from those on the scene, “Four people told Jackson (reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9) that police offered to buy their cell phone video.”

Postings of this Police Shooting are everywhere including the Project Avalon ForumRon Paul Forum and QW Magazine to name a few.

Details of the Anaheim Police Shooting come from CBS News Los Angeles:

“Jay Jackson, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said Saturday night’s scene was chaotic.

The residents blocked off a street and set fire to at least one dumpster.

Earlier in the day, police in riot gear, fired rubber bullets into the crowd. Several protesters lifted their shirts to show large red welts on their torsos and backs.

Residents told Jackson that police overreacted and created the disturbance.

One man said, “They just started shooting.”

Police also set a K-9 officer on one woman and a bystander they said were agitating the situation.

Said Susan Lopez, “I had my baby with me. My baby! The dog scratched me and then grabbed me.”

She added, “They shot at me while I was holding a baby!”

Another woman yelled, “They just shot at us, they shot at a little kid, too.”


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