Radio host Alex Jones acknowledges: This is “a devilish takeover […] it’s a “battle for the Republic.”

Editor’s Note: Feel free to substitute the word “anarchists” in the title to “radical leftists” as some have already complained in the comments section. But the bottom line is that this group is not recognizing Trump as the next POTUS, despite the fact that he won the election, and they want to stop him before he takes office.

(Definition) Anarchy: A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — “In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America,” the group’s slogan reads at the top of their website.

Radical leftists from the group Refuse Fascism plan to “take to the streets” on Inauguration Day and “bring D.C. to a halt” after claiming that Donald Trump has “assembled a regime of grave danger.”

The group says that a Trump presidency is “illegitimate” because he dis not win the “popular vote” but rather won the Electoral College which the group claims “is an institution set up in 1787 to protect slavery.”

stop trump flyer

Stopping the Trump regime is not “wishful thinking” the group says, claiming a “massive mobilization” could turn it into a “reality.”

The shenanigans are set to begin at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14 starting at McPherson Square.

We Begin Jan 14 at 4PM… March into the night…every night

Grow in Numbers…

We will be:

First: Hundreds & thousands taking to the streets

Then: Becoming ten and a hundred thousand

Grow each day to become millions across the country

as the week of Jan. 16-20 unfolds…

And with the call for such anarchy, one can only imagine how all of this could quickly spiral out of control, leading to a massive riot or even martial law as called for by Rosie O’Donnell via Twitter on Thursday.

“According to O’Donnell, the one way to stop Trump is to effectively end the Constitution and set up a military dictatorship, all because of documented disinformation spread by the corporate media about supposed Russian ties to the president-elect,” Alex Thomas with Intellihub wrote.

“O’Donnell continued with multiple follow up Tweets that described her thought process which is either completely brainwashed by corporate media disinformation or worse, is all part of a wider conspiracy to stop Trump from taking office.”

Trump’s Inauguration could, in fact, turn out to be the biggest, single most important event to take place in human history as pointed out by radio talk show host Alex Jones in a key transmission.

Infowars commander-in-chief Alex Jones said Thursday that he is worried that the general public doesn’t know how much danger we are in and said that he is “sitting on” major “intel” which he is not privy to disclose at this time.

“I know what they are currently up to, I have been told by multiple high-level sources. And when I say high-level, I mean as high as it gets. […] I am so frustrated because I don’t like sitting on information [….] that I am not at liberty to give you.”

“[…] they are planning on blocking Trump.,” Jones said. “It’s crazy […] the New World Order is anti-human.”

This is “a devilish takeover […] it’s a “battle for the Republic.”

Jones ended with, “I love you all.”

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