Angry mob attacks Ebola treatment center in Guinea

An Ebola treatment center in Guinea was attacked by an angry mob who believed that they were responsible for spreading the virus

By John Vibes

GUINEA (INTELLIHUB) — One of the worst Ebola outbreaks in recent memory has been taking place in north west Africa, with one case of a traveler taking the virus to Canada.  Over the past several weeks the virus has been responsible for nearly 100 deaths in the Guinea region.  This week it was reported that the virus even spread as far as Mali.

An angry crowd attacked an Ebola treatment center in Guinea on Friday, accusing its staff of bringing the deadly virus to the town, Medecins Sans Frontieres said.

Resident Kolie Martin accused doctors of transferring patients to the isolation ward who had not tested positive for Ebola.

“As soon as someone is brought here, they don’t try to figure out whether he is sick or not, they just transfer him directly to the sick ward. So it’s them who are killing the people who are in good health,Martin said.

As a result of the mob attack, the outbreak center decided to temporarily close down.

“We have evacuated all our staff and closed the treatment center,” said MSF spokesman Sam Taylor. “We have the full support of the local leaders and we’re working with the authorities to try and resolve this problem as quickly as possible so we can start treating people again.”

“We understand very well that people are afraid because it is a new disease here,” Taylor said. “But these are not favorable working conditions so we are suspending our activities.”

In a statement broadcast on state television late on Thursday, Mali’s government announced that three people had been placed in quarantine and samples sent off to Atlanta in the United States for tests, Reuters reported.

“The international community has rapidly mobilized to help us in these difficult moments with considerable medical support and specialists on the ground at the disease’s epicenter,” the statement said. “That’s why the government is calling on people to stay calm and allow our partners to help us eradicate this epidemic….A high-speed intervention team has been created to follow the evolution of the situation on the ground,”

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