‘Anti-ANTIFA rally in New Orleans could turn into a micro-pocket Civil War Sunday’: Outlaw Morgan

Not to mention it's 'open carry' in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS (INTELLIHUB) — Outlaw Morgan discusses just how massive the anti-ANTIFA rally will be this Sunday and warns that it may get hairy, in a recent Facebook video post titled “New Orleans Update.”

“This is going to be massive,” Morgan said. “I think the Oathkeepers are going to show up, 3%ers, militia, are going to show up […] ex-military […] the new Black Panthers […] so there is going to be a lot of people in New Orleans on Sunday.”

Morgan also said that anyone planning on attending needs to “take a helmet” and “protective gear” and be ready to “defend yourself” because it could get real ugly.

Additionally, Morgan said that the mayor may have given an order for the police to stand down so there is no telling what may happen.

“This is no joke. I don’t want anybody to think of this like an ANTIFA-Berkley thing because it’s not going to be that easy […] this is all the makings for something to go real, real, real, wrong. […] So if you’re showing up, you need to go into this knowing exactly what you are going into and not thinking that you are going into an ANTIFA rally like Berkley. Totally different element, totally different animal, totally different monster, totally different geographical situation,” Morgan said.

Morgan also warned that it’s “open carry” in New Orleans, so there is no telling what could happen. “This has all the makings to become a micro-pocket Civil War.”

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