Why “anti-vaxxers” need to be more vocal about their decision

Sarah Walker | BobTuskin.com

Many doctors, major news outlets, governmental organizations, and many everyday people say that vaccines are safe, effective, and have saved millions of lives. But this proposition does not become true through repetition. And the assertion of an “authority” cannot substitute for factual information to support this conclusion. Through discussing this topic with doctors and others, and researching the way that the vaccine industry works, I have found that people who believe vaccines are 100% safe and effective are either unaware of all of the evidence to the contrary or they are ignoring the evidence for one reason or another.

Before I researched this topic, I accepted that vaccines were safe and effective because I had heard it repeated so many times, and doctors recommended them to me. I knew that some people said there were problems with vaccines, but because anti-vaccine advocates are often ostracized and characterized as “crazy,” I accepted that any suggested problems with vaccines had been “discredited” without seriously considering the issue.

Even when we made the decision not to vaccinate our son, I was hesitant to discuss it with people because I know how people often perceive that choice. I was wrong to censor myself. Not speaking about my decision for fear of being ridiculed is exactly what vaccine propagandists want. This primitive, but effective form of mind control is one of the reasons that so many parents are afraid to even research this issue let alone make the choice to forgo vaccination.

Unfortunately, ridicule is not the only weapon in the pro-vaccine arsenal. In this Mother Jones article, Chris Mooney argues that parents should be forced to vaccinate because “trying to win [anti-vaxxers’] hearts and minds . . . wasn’t really working out anyway . . . .”

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