Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases


By Dr. Richard Sauder
May 15, 2012

(Part 4 in our exclusive underground base series published with permission from the author and publisher)

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So why all the secrecy and clandestine underground and underwater activity? Is Armageddon coming? Is the Apocalypse right around the corner?

Do the clandestine movers and shakers inside the military-industrial-espionage complex know something that the rest of us don’t? Are we like lemmings unwittingly flocking toward a sheer precipice whose existence we do not evenly dimly suspect?

At times I wonder. Maybe this is one of the reasons for massive underground bases and secret tunnels. Maybe something BIG is coming up fast?

I actually posed this question to one of my sources and got a wonderfully evasive, sphinx-like answer that frankly raised more questions in my mind than it answered.

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As best as I could parse the response, it seems that at least some, and perhaps many, underground and underwater bases and tunnels are preparations for the following possibilities in the relatively near term (say within the time-frame of the next several years to next few decades):

▪    potential nuclear war

▪    change in physics of rotation of the Earth, i.e., a pole shift, or axis relocation

▪    reversal of Earth’s magnetic field

▪    entering a galactic dust cloud

▪    asteroid and/or comet strikes

▪    massive, sudden climate change

▪    social, political and economic chaos resulting from any of the preceding

▪    a combination of any one or more of the above.

In other words, very dramatic events may be just around the corner. It seems as if those in the know are making massive, extremely expensive preparations for something.

 Conclusion: Import of the Anecdotal Stories

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the preceding accounts is that most of them were recounted directly to me by people who worked for the military-industrial complex, in some cases in the uniformed military services themselves.

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This is a recurring theme in my research. Time and again I have been approached by ex-military personnel, and, I believe, even active-duty military personnel in some cases.

Why should this be the case? I believe it is because some people who are involved in the activities of the United States military see things that bother them, or perhaps are asked to carry out duties that trouble them.

Some of these people then leak information to a researcher such as myself, in hopes that some of what they have seen, or have been asked to do, will trickle out into the public domain, for the greater edification of the general population.

I can only speculate as to their personal motivations, but I think their concerns must be personal ethical misgivings, in some cases, deep political unease at the machinations of secret, unconstitutional government, and even profound strategic military misgivings in others.

For example, it may be technologically possible to design, build and deploy continent-busting weaponry that far exceeds the destructive power of nuclear weaponry, but is it morally advisable to do so? Is it militarily advisable to do so?

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Under what conceivable set of circumstances would a military command structure literally unleash hell on Earth, such that entire continents, or regions of continents were laid waste? What sane person would set in motion such a series of events?

What sane person would care to inhabit a planet that had been reduced to a smoldering, radioactive cinder? Under what fiendish mind-set could such an outcome be considered a “victory”?

Or again, if the underground and underwater infrastructure of secret bases and tunnels has possibly grown so extensive, so sophisticated and so out-of-the-oversight of the constitutionally mandated political checks and balances prescribed by open, civil government, then it may be that the well-being of the American people, and perhaps many others as well, is profoundly threatened by a stealthy, massively funded, high-tech, underground and/or undersea power about which they remain blissfully unaware, the nefarious intentions and plans of which run directly counter to their best interests.

Indeed, if I had to guess, I would surmise that more than a few of my sphinx-like sources have concerns that run very much along these lines. They see things they do not approve of, but they are severely hemmed in and constrained by rigorous security clearances that carry severe penalties for violations.

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What would you do, in their place, if you saw something with which you profoundly disagreed, but could not speak out openly, for fear of being sentenced to many years in prison, and/or very heavily fined? Or perhaps even targeted for personal liquidation, i.e., assassination, for speaking publicly?

You just might very quietly and anonymously leak a bit of information to an investigative author in hopes that it would find its way into his next book, or magazine article, or radio interview, and thereby find its way out into the world and the light of day where thousands, eventually millions, of other people could read it, hear it, and ponder its significance.

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