Archeologists discover that a 364-day calendar year existed during biblical times

Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been translated revealing that a shorter calendar year was used than in modern times

(INTELLIHUB) — Archeologists have pieced together and translated fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls which suggest that people in biblical times had based their calendar year on a 364-day cycle and not a 365-day cycle, as modern society now does.

According to Yahoo News UK: “The new section of the scrolls were pieced together by Dr Eshbal Ratson and Prof Jonathan Ben-Dov of Haifa University” and “chronicle festivals known as New Wheat, New Wine and New Oil, and a festival marking the change between seasons, known as Tefukah.”

Some of the fragments were very small but were ultimately pieced together to show a 364-day calendar.

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