Are ISIS terrorists planning a #LondonAttack?

Jihadists publicly claim attack on a major western city is imminent, tweeting under the hashtag #LondonAttack

(INTELLIHUB) — In a stunning display, terrorists apparently affiliated with ISIS have openly tweeted a series of threats against the city of London.

Tweets by supposed ISIS members or their supporters highlight the literal area within London that ISIS may be targeting, including down to the exact street. Photos contained in the tweets also show guns and suicide belts.

The tweets were captured by Paul Joseph Watson before Twitter had a chance to delete them. According to Watson, Scotland Yard authorities are aware of the tweets.


It is unknown whether or not the threats are 100% credible although at least some of the tweets have come from accounts that have promoted and supported ISIS in the past. Also, now that Twitter is actively banning terrorist linked accounts, ISIS seems to be pushing back by creating even more burner accounts.

Interestingly, the threats come as the Patriot Act is facing more scrutiny than ever before. Certain members of Congress are attempting to end the freedom destroying law while at the same time a US federal appeals court recently ruled against NSA metadata collection which was collected under a section of the Patriot Act.

If the threats are real hopefully authorities in London are taking them seriously and are prepared. It is also possible that the threats are a hoax or even part of a larger false flag setup.

With ISIS recently attacking Texas and publicly threatening other western countries, one has to wonder why the federal government has turned their sites on Patriots rather than actual terrorists.

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