Are they taking people who test “positive” to death camps for extermination in the UK?

"We literally saw this man taken away ten minutes ago healthy"

LONDON (INTELLIHUB) — A shocking video filmed by a woman reveals that something far more sinister may be taking place under the COVID-19 crisis.

A feisty woman worked up the courage to film her confrontation with several government workers dressed in bio suits that officially recorded the death of a homeless man who appeared to be in good health when he was taken away by police just minutes prior.

The woman explained to the workers that she had been feeding the man for some time and that he was perfectly alive and well when he was carted off by police.


The woman caught the workers putting letters on the resident’s doors explaining the man’s death.

Astonishingly, one of the workers admitted that they had received the letters from One Housing several hours in advance despite the fact that the man was just hauled off by police just 5 to ten minutes before the altercation.

“We literally saw this man taken away ten minutes ago healthy,” the woman explained. “One Housing told you that this man was dead so you came up in your suits to spread fear?”

Do you still think “it’s just the flu?”

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