Argentine submarine ‘chased by British helicopter’ before disappearing

ARA San Juan (Juan Kulichevsky/Flickr)

The submarine’s last known location was about 300 miles from Argentina’s southern coast

An Argentine submarine that went missing with its 44 sailors in November had been chased by a British helicopter before its disappearance, it has been claimed. The sister of one of the sailors said this was her brother’s final message.

Jesica Medina said she got a message from her brother Roberto Daniel just days before the vessel vanished on November 15.

She reports her brother telling her that the ARA San Juan was sailing close to the British-held Falklands (known as Islas Malvinas in Argentina) when a Royal Navy helicopter started chasing them down, along with a Chilean ship.

“On Monday, an English helicopter was looking for us, and yesterday the Chileans, there has been a lot going on,” second sub-officer Roberto Medina told his sister in the message, adding that they were now heading for home.

In an interview with Argentina’s La Gaceta newspaper, Jesica said“many” families were also told the submarine had been fleeing the British.

“It was a strange message in which he told us a British helicopter and a Chilean ship had been chasing them,” she said.

“I don’t know how close they got to the Malvinas, and I don’t know what the political situation is like. That’s what he told us and that is what we were left with.”

She added: “I think we’re not the only family that has something like that, I think there are a lot of them. Judge Yanez will have to investigate,” she said, referring to the lead investigator.

Via RT