Artificial Intelligence: Friend, foe or another biblical “tower of babel-like” event in-the-making?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next, and possibly the last, technology advancement being forced upon all third dimension and Planet Earth systems by controllers who, apparently, have been acolytes of such ‘upgrades’ to humankind in previously historically documented and undocumented periods—some of which have been written about in ancient documents. If one is familiar with Metaphysics, one probably knows what I’m referring to.

Humans have been evolving on Planet Earth via various ‘alliterations’ of the genus “Homo” possibly for hundreds of thousands of years to the point where, some control freaks like Adolph Hitler, have thought about improving upon the human race and creating a “master race” of beings that were ‘supernatural’ in intelligence and imbued with ‘designer’ aspects genetic controllers would engineer.

Such experiments supposedly were part and parcel of the downfall of negative energy usage and what has been referred to as the legendary accounts of the “Lost Continent of Atlantis.”   Plato (c.429 – 347 BCE), the Greek philosopher, probably is the best-known source of the accepted legend(s) about Atlantis.  However, if one studies the esoteric writings, one can get a different ‘reading’ on what went on, e.g., the spiritual warfare between the forces of good and evil, which was very prominent in Atlantean times; the special temples where human chimeras were treated, i.e., humans with hooves, dewclaws and other animal-like appendages were removed, as a result of genetic engineering efforts back then; and the ultimate achievement of their advanced civilization – lasers, which were used for various technologies, including climate ‘control’.  However, it was the “fine-tuning of those lasers” that were lowered too close to the continent that actually broke – split – Atlantis apart and sank during three different episodes.

I relate the above, which some may consider ‘fairytales’, imaginative creative writing, or whatever, but if you have not had the opportunity to research and investigate the incredible happenings that occurred to humankind and Planet Earth for millennia in ancient writings, esoteric and religious belief systems—and which current-time controllers don’t want the average person to know about because that would create a totally different mindset—then you think all the ancient biblical, Egyptian, Sumerian, Hindu, and pre-Christian era information is fantasy, legend or hypotheses.

However, there are ancient artifacts still standing like the pyramids at Giza; Stonehenge; the ruins of Göbekli Tepe in modern-day Turkey, which dates back 12,000 years with an incredible history.

There is so much we really don’t know and should in order to advance our becoming humans with higher consciousness.  Much of that is a result of determined efforts by controllers over time immemorial who kept undisclosed the realities and secrets of Nature, the natural world and how humans are an integral part of that Divine plan.  However, that would not fit in with those who wanted to promote negative energies, e.g., wars, control and suppression mechanisms, including furtive technology, which was the downfall of Atlantis!

Having said the above, let’s fast forward to current technological times.  These probably are the more advanced updates on the Atlantean efforts to restructure and ‘improve’ upon Nature, human DNA and human geoengineering since Adolph Hitler’s efforts.

Currently, there are numerous obvious and clandestine technologies, so one hardly knows where to begin.  However, the most devastating are nuclear fission (weapons of mass destruction and nuclear energy/power); toxic vaccines and chemical pharmaceuticals, which are anathema to human physiology, but mandated by controllers apparently to restructure human DNA/RNA in an apparent push toward transhumanism and the ultimate technology—Artificial Intelligence—or there would not be those government mandates or laws regarding our health!  Ever think of it that way?

If that were not the case, how come there’s such a push in every direction to accomplish mind control techniques (the ultimate prize) and a New World Order agenda of Artificial Intelligence?  Hello, Sophia!

Sophia, a ‘Citizen’ of Saudi Arabia

However, there’s a new, 2018 video/film titled “Do You Trust This Computer,” dedicated to the memory of Stephen Hawking, which prompts more questions than answers.

  • Are we creating new life forms on some level that may/can replace humans?
  • Will AI warp our sense of reality?
  • Does anyone really know how AI really works?
  • Or is AI a crapshoot to be figured out after it becomes too late, like nuclear waste we don’t know how to dispose of; man-made weapons of mass destruction; genetically modified ‘phood crops’, which poison the environment, pollinator insects, food supply and the human intestinal microbiome from toxic chemical residues; antibiotics that no longer are useful due to abusive medical use; opioids we can’t control, etc.
  • Will AI become technology from which we never can escape?
  • Will AI be designed and/or allowed to run amok?

Here is a link to that exceptional film, which ought to make you think about the unknown ramifications of AI.  The last twenty minutes of the film reminds what needs to be addressed regarding AI before it’s too late.

Do You Trust This Computer
1 hour 18 minutes

Via Activist Post

Featured Image: Web Summit/Flickr