Artificial intelligence will flag and remove hate speech from Facebook in future

Most terrorist propaganda is currently flagged and removed from Facebook via A.I. but hate speech is much trickier, CEO Zuckerberg maintains

(INTELLIHUB) — Facebook will deploy artificial intelligence (A.I.) to flag, and remove hate speech from the platform within the next 5-10 years, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told members of Congress Wednesday.

The social media mogul said hate speech is the hardest for A.I. to weed out.

“Some problems lend themselves more easily to AI solutions than others,” Zuckerberg told Commerce Committee John Thune (R-SD). “Hate speech is one of the hardest, because determining if something is hate speech is very linguistically nuanced. You need to understand what is a slur and whether something is hateful, not just in English, but a majority of people on Facebook use it in languages that are different across the world.”

Zuckerberg maintains that most terrorist propaganda (i.e. ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda content) is currently removed from the social media platform before any humans feasts their eyes on it.

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