‘Artificial’ object the size of a school bus makes close uncontrolled Earth pass Tuesday

Object scientists expect to be a 1966-launched Surveyor 2 Centaur rocket booster will bass Earth on Tuesday at a distance of 0.05 au


NASA scientists believe an artificially constructed vessel that has been orbiting Earth in space since 1966 will make its close pass to Earth on Tuesday.

Astronomers and space buffs will be on edge as the object known as 2020 SO makes its close pass this week.

The object was discovered by the Haleakala Observatory’s Pan-STARRS1 in September of 2020 and is thought to be made of stainless steel-like material.

The object is presumed to be a Surveyor 2 Centaur rocket booster that reportedly went rogue during a 1966 mission.

NASA projects the object will come within 0.05 au of Earth on 2 Feb.

2020 SO Feb 2, 2021 (Screenshot via NASA/JPL)

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