Aspiring filmmaker and family found dead in home, police say ‘murder-suicide’

Close friend, neighbors, say ‘something doesn’t seem right’

David Crowley — Screen capture: Astonisher3/YouTube

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (INTELLIHUB) — An aspiring conspiracy filmmaker, David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and his 5-year-old daughter were found dead in their home by concerned neighbors around 1 p.m. Saturday.

Neighbors Collin and Judy Prochnow said that activity around the home abruptly stopped around Christmas, making them question if the Crowley’s were on vacation. However after noticing the same lights on for days Prochnow investigated further noticing unopened Christmas presents near the doorway, just before seeing a handgun and three bodies on the floor of the residence. Prochnow, then immediately called the police.

“So I went over there to look, and I looked in the window, and I saw like a heap of things. Then I noticed a human hand and a noticed her finger nails and nail beds and I thought dummies don’t have nail beds,” Judy Prochnow said, as reported by MyFox9.

The family’s dog was found alive, but in poor condition, according to reports.

Crowley was working on Grey State before his death, a fictional film based on a martial law type scenario in America.

Charles Hubbell, who appears in the Grey State trailer, said he was “blindsided” by the initial reports of the family’s deaths, which police say point to a murder suicide type scenario.


“He seemed more grounded and focused than would lend itself to anything chaotic,” Hubbell said. “The entire time I worked with him there was nothing aggressive or chaotic or strange or abnormal. He was one of the ones I was hanging my hat on, one who was going to succeed.”

Twin Cities director and filmmaker Paul von Stoetzel said that David Crowley and his colleagues were good people and had huge dreams for their film careers. Von Stoetzel had met with Crowley early on about possibly writing the script for “Gray State.”, reported

Mitch Heil, Crowley’s business partner, was said to be “heartbroken” over the deaths, pointing out that they were “best friends”. Heil also noted that Crowley and his wife had a “great marriage”, conflicting with initial police reports.

A police investigation into the alleged murder suicide is still underway.

You can view the Grey State trailer here:

Grey State/YouTube

David Crowley also appeared on the Alex Jones’ conspiracy tinted Infowars Nightly News on a Sept. 7, 2012 broadcast.

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