Assassination Attempt or Political Hoax?

By Sarah Dee

(INTELLIHUB) — Last Saturday while Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan made a speech at the National Palace of Culture in Sophia, Bulgaria’s capital, an strange assassination attempt was made on his life.

Mid-sentence a large man dressed in black leaped up onto the stage and pointed a small gun straight at the politician’s face. Dogan reacted quickly when the gun appeared to have jammed and took that split second to knock the weapon out of the assailant’s hand.

The politician then shoved the man hard and they both appear to fall to the ground in the fray. By this time the politician’s security team moves in and secures the man, but not before several other politicians in attendance also advance to the thwarted attacker and proceed to beat him nearly senseless while he is held down.

Here’s where the would-be hoax comes into play, after the situation is secure, it is discovered that the “gun” was really only a glorified pepper-spray canister and wouldn’t be able to kill the politician or any one else for that matter.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Bulgaria’s deputy chief prosecutor Borislav Sarafov told Sofia news agency that the stunt cannot be deemed an attempt on Dogan’s life because of the gas handgun used. He said: ‘With this gun one cannot kill a person. With these bullets one can’t kill a person either.’“

Ahmed Dogan who was the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and had been the party’s leader for almost twenty-five years immediately resigned following the incident. Something definitely smells fishy in this scenario.

Why would an assassin risk his life to kill a politician when the gun used wasn’t even capable of causing a fatality? Maybe someone was trying to make it a point to scare Dogan enough to force his resignation? If this was the case the “assassination” attempt appears to have done the trick.

The “gun” man was later identified as twenty-five year old Oktay Enimehmedov and many prosecutors are calling for punishment for those who attacked him while he was being held down by Dogan’s security officers. Enimehmedov is facing up to six years jail-time as a result of this incident.

The Daily Mail also says in regard to Dogan’s political career:

“Two years ago he was acquitted after a high-profile corruption trial into payments he received as a consultant for a hydro power project.”

Perhaps Dogan made some enemies in the many years he held office.