Assoc Prof calls for government forced ‘morality booster pill’ to aid lockdown compliance, human suffering associated with abrupt climate change

"... a strategy like this one could be a way out of this pandemic, a future outbreak or the suffering associated with climate change."

A rather ostentatious associate professor at Western Michigan University has managed to come to the conclusion that governments must forcibly drug their citizenry with pills that he suggests can boost human morality during stringent lockdown periods.

Associate Professor of Medical Ethics, Humanities and Law, Western Michigan University Parker Crutchfield made it clear in a piece he authored last week titled ‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist that people should not be allowed to think for themselves during a public health crisis and maintains that humans need to be given a pill to mentally lobotomize them into compliance.

“When someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good,” Crutchfield wrote in the piece. “It’s the moral equivalent of the tragedy of the commons: If everyone shares the same pasture for their individual flocks, some people are going to graze their animals longer, or let them eat more than their fair share, ruining the commons in the process.”

The obvious agent of the state calls for “noncooperative” individuals to be forcibly inoculated by the government to do “what’s best for the public good” and needless to say he thinks his idea is king.

“To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior,” he wrote. “Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?”

Crutchfield believes that “society may be better off, both in the short term as well as the long, by boosting not the body’s ability to fight off disease but the brain’s ability to cooperate with others.”


The associate professor went on to admit in his writing that he psychoactive substances could act on a person’s ability to reason “about what the right thing to do is” or even one’s “ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative.”

Crutchfield went on to write that he believes that the government has a forced vaccination plan on the table and mentions that is has to due with ending “suffering associated with climate change.”

“The scenario in which the government forces an immunity booster upon everyone is plausible,” he explained. “The scenario in which the government forces a morality booster upon everyone is far-fetched… but a strategy like this one could be a way out of this pandemic, a future outbreak or the suffering associated with climate change… that’s why we should be thinking of it now.”

Crutchfield’s writing dovetails with an insider’s warning that the Department of Defense is preparing for significant damage to and loss of infrastructure from some type of abrupt climate change event. (i.e. a pole shift, or something to the effect of the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano or an asteroid strike) The question is: what’s coming?

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