Astronaut Scott Kelly gets questioned by flat-Earther about ‘bubbles in space’

Ret. NASA veteran astronaut Scott Kelly was recently confronted while on tour by a man asking about ‘bubbles’ which can be seen during some spacewalks

(INTELLIHUB) — Retired veteran Astronaut Scott Kelly was recently trolled by a flat-Earther while on tour about ‘bubbles in space.’

“So many times during spacewalks outside the International Space Station we can see air bubbles rising up, can you touch on how air bubbles rise in space?” The man asked the former astronaut.

Being a good sport, Kelly replied, telling the man that he has seen water (sweat) floating around in his helmet before during spacewalks but is unaware of any ‘bubbles in space.’

“It’s a harsh environment out there and the outside of the space station gets beat up pretty good and sometimes you’ll see little flakes of paint or something that you might have disrupted floating away from the suit,” Kelly explained. “You know, that’s generally what that is.”


Featured Image: (Photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett) NASA Kennedy/Flickr
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