Back on July 7th, ANP reported that astronomers had warned ‘the hidden world of Planet X may be revealed by the end of summer’ due to ‘dark energy’ within our solar system that might help astronomers discover the exact location of a mysterious ‘Planet Nine’.

As Susan Duclos reported back on April 15th, back in January of 2016, two top astronomers had announced they had found evidence of this mysterious ‘Planet Nine’, a huge icy planet estimated to be ten times more massive than our planet Earth. Susan also reported then, it was quite possible that ‘Planet Nine’ was responsible for several ‘extinction level events’ throughout our planet’s history according to Daniel Whitmire, a Professor of Physics from the University of Louisiana.

A story from the NY Post on this ‘newly discovered Planet Nine’ dropped a bombshell on us that we weren’t quite ready for as excerpted below next photo graphic. However, this story isn’t solely about ‘Planet Nine’ but a new development in outer space that caused planetary astronomer Michele Bannister to recently Tweet“I hope everyone has buckled their seatbelts because the outer solar system just got a lot weirder.”

As this story from New Scientist tells us, a mystery object that goes by the name of “Niku” has just been discovered in outer space beyond the planet Neptune that scientists are unable to explain as it travels in a very strange orbit. Traveling throughout space upon a different plane and in the opposite direction than other planetary objects, astronomers tell us that it must have been knocked off course by something else. We’re also told that this discovery “foreshadows a new development within our solar system”.

What might this discovery be foreshadowing? Let’s go back to the NY Post story on this mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ that we may be learning much more about this summer. Interestingly enough, “Niku” means ‘rebellious’ in Chinese and as I noticed almost immediately, ‘Niku’ also takes the first two letters and the last letter of the mysterious “Nibiru”. Just a coincidence? From the April 2016 NY Post story.:

A mysterious planet that wiped out life on Earth millions of years ago could do it again, according to a top space scientist. And some believe the apocalyptic event could happen as early as this month. 

Planet Nine — a new planet discovered at the edge of the solar system in January — has triggered comet showers that bomb the Earth’s surface, killing all life, says Daniel Whitmire, of the University of Louisiana. 

The astrophysicist says the planet has a 20,000-year orbit around the sun and, at its closest to us, it knocks asteroids and comets toward Earth. 

Whitmire claims Planet Nine’s passage through a rock-laden area called the Kuiper Belt is responsible for the “extinction events.” 

Conspiracy theorists in the ’80s and ’90s previously claimed a red dwarf planet called Nibiru or Nemesis, which orbits too close to Earth every 36,000 years, was behind the events. 

Nemesis or Nibiru was widely dismissed as crackpot pseudo-science — until Planet Nine was identified in January by the California Institute of Technology.

Is this recent discovery of ‘Niku’ another sign that these ‘conspiracy theorists’ who warned of Nibiru/Nemesis were correct afterall? While we’re quite happy that the ‘some believe the apocalyptic event could happen as early as this month’ was way off considering they were talking about April of 2016, we’ve always believed on ANP that we should never put an exact date or time on possible future events that are completely out of our control.

Anybody giving an exact date of a future event such as a comet colliding with our planet is nearly guaranteed to be incorrect. However, that doesn’t mean that Whitmire’s warning doesn’t have merit and he certainly wasn’t the person warning that it could happen as early as this past April. In fact, as we learn more from this New Scientist story, the scientists involved in this latest discovery of ‘Niku’ are also the same scientists who were involved in the discovery of ‘Planet Nine’. Just a coincidence or something more? We think ‘something more’. From the New Scientist story.:

To grasp how truly rebellious it (Niku) is, remember that a flat plane is the signature of a planetary system, as a star-forming gas cloud creates a flat disk of dust and gas around it. 

“Angular momentum forces everything to have that one spin direction all the same way,” says Bannister. “It’s the same thing with a spinning top, every particle is spinning the same direction.” That means anything that doesn’t orbit within the plane of the solar system or spins in the opposite direction must have been knocked off course by something else. 

“It suggests that there’s more going on in the outer solar system than we’re fully aware of,” says Matthew Holman at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, part of the team that discovered Niku using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System 1 Survey (Pan-STARRS 1) on Haleakala, Maui. And it’s the unknown that excites astronomers. “Whenever you have some feature that you can’t explain in the outer solar system, it’s immensely exciting because it’s in some sense foreshadowing a new development,” says Konstantin Batygin at the California Institute of Technology.  

He should know – Batygin was one of two astronomers who earlier this year announced that the presence of another highly inclined group of objects could be pointing toward a large undiscovered world, perhaps 10 times as massive as Earth, lurking even further away – the so-called Planet Nine. 

Upon further analysis, the new TNO appears to be part of another group orbiting in a highly inclined plane, so Holman’s team tested to see if their objects could also be attributed to the gravitational pull of Planet Nine. 

It turns out Niku is too close to the solar system to be within the suggested world’s sphere of influence, so there must be another explanation. The team also tried to see if an undiscovered dwarf planet, perhaps similar to Pluto, could supply an explanation, but didn’t have any luck. “We don’t know the answer,” says Holman. 

Bannister couldn’t be more thrilled. “It’s wonderful that it’s so confusing,” she says. “I’m looking forward to seeing what the theoretical analysists do once they get their hands on this one.” 

But Batygin isn’t jumping up and down just yet. “As they say in the paper, what they have right now is a hint,” he says. “If this hint develops into a complete story that would be fantastic.”

What is the ‘complete story’ of ‘Planet Nine’ and this mysterious new object that some are calling a ‘minor planet’ called “Niku” that is hurtling through space with a name that sounds at least a little bit like ‘Nibiru”? The new videos are below, take a look at this latest discovery and what it might mean for us including the first one below from MrBB333 whose report on Niku begins at the 1 minute 30 second mark after he speaks about the latest ‘fire in the sky’ meteorite sightings across America.

In the 2nd video below we hear a brief ‘Niku’ report from the New Scientist Youtube channel while in the final video below, our videographer asks if ‘Niku’ is somehow tied to the mysterious ‘Planet Nine/X’ as it was discovered in the same part of the sky that the astronomers who are looking for ‘Planet Nine’ are now searching.

Is ‘Niku’ somehow tied to ‘Planet Nine’? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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