Attack in France and casting the first explosive


By Robert Barsocchini | Washington’s Blog

The first order is to make clear that the attacks on French journalists/cartoonists in their offices, like virtually all acts of violence committed in the world, are tragic and to be condemned.  If we condemn the US’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, the worst crime of this century, which killed up to millions of people, we also condemn attacks that kill .000012 percent or less than that many people.  It’s not as if there is some minimum of fifty thousand (or however many) deaths that must occur before we condemn attacks.  One victim is totally unacceptable, and this attack in France was horrific.

To condemn attacks on journalists by “others”, the most elementary thinking dictates that we must first not attack journalists ourselves.  Thus we condemn the US for targeting and killing journalists in and outside of their offices in Iraq, as we condemn Israel and its enabler/benefactor, the US, for repeatedly, year in and year out, including multiple times since 2009, targeting and killing dozens of journalists.

We also condemn the US for playing a “key” role in the cold-blooded execution of American journalist Frank Teruggi in 1973, and we condemn the US for playing a “fundamental” role in the cold-blooded execution of American journalist/animator/cartoonist Charles Horman in 1973.

Should we punish the American perpetrators of these murders before we cast the first (explosive/chemical) stones at others for later crimes?  Demagogues like this guy of the NY Times say no and are calling for new blood.  They don’t think the US has shed enough or done enough damage, yet, or has enough of its own journalist-killers on the loose, living high on the hog on the dime of American taxpayers, to merit focus.  Perhaps we should arm an extremist group like Al Qaeda, as we have done multiple times, to attack the group that carried out this attack in France.  Wait, that very likely was Al Qaeda.  Oops.  (Or, as Glenn Greenwald has pointed out, maybe not oops.)

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