Attention Writers & Videographers

Talented Individuals Welcome


Don’t forget to attend our 1st Annual Writers Conference on Sunday August 15, 2010. The conference will be held via Skype. We are looking for talented writers, journalists, investigative reporters, photographers and videographers to donate their time or work to the cause and help us out here at the Intellihub.

When: Sunday August 15, 2010

Time: Noon pacific time

Forum: Skype Conference (Please download Skype for free HERE)

RSVP: (Please confirm your attendance)

We are trying to put together more exclusive coverage across the map. If you are a dedicated Intel Soldier, or if you enjoy writing or photography you might really be able to help us expose the real news and the corrupt global crime syndicate that controls the corporate media.

Please send us an email if you are interested. You should include a brief bio of yourself, your interests, what you would like to do in terms of reporting with the Intellihub and what types of subjects you are interested in. Also include any previous links or attachments of works you have done.

This is a good chance to be heard and gain exposure to yourself. All articles and work will be credited properly and promoted. Right now the Intellihub is ranked in the top 90,000 websites worldwide and growing. We are making a big splash and want to be able to keep up with the demands of our readers. If you have talent or the time to donate, it will not go unnoticed.

We currently offer a Bi-Montly eReport that we need help with. This will eventually grow into a full blown magazine/ newsletter at news stands across the nation. We need dedicated people in at the ground level who want a stake in the project for this. We are assembling a team of Graphic designers, commercial artists, writers, reporters, investigators, and photographers to get this off the ground. Once again we will need dedicated talented people to get in at the ground level, eventually turning this into a living breathing magazine.

* No compensation at this time will be offered this is on a strict  volunteer basis

Note: Due to the very fast rate we are expanding, we are requesting help from sponsors and requesting donations to help subsidize the costs we incur here at the Intellihub. We want to continue our great coverage and bring the reader more and more great options on our site as time goes on.

Your support is appreciated and remember we also sell full blown advertisement/ banner  packages and radio spot ads as well to promote your business. Our store is always open and you can support us by purchasing and wearing our merchandise, or just donating.