Austin Police Chief: ‘Spy on your neighbors, if they have guns turn them in’

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Lone wolf attacks to constitute lock-down of America in near future?

By Shepard Ambellas

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB.COM) — A self-proclaimed “priest”, now known as an “American terrorist”, shot up the streets of Austin last Friday, firing over a hundred rounds into at least four buildings, including the local police headquarters.

Thankfully, due to an “act of God”, a courageous police officer named Adam Johnson, acted quickly, abruptly ending the shooter’s reign of terror on the city by fatally wounding him before anyone else was hurt or killed.

According to police, the lone wolf, Larry McQuilliams, 49, planned on setting ablaze and shooting up at least 34 buildings throughout the city, including financial centers and 2 churches, all in the name of “God” and his hatred for illegal “immigrants”who are stealing jobs from U.S. citizenry, reports say.

Police also mentioned that a book titled “Vigilantes of Christendom” was also found in the mans personal effects possibly leading to the man’s extremist views.

The shooter had the words “let me die” written on his chest with marker, displaying his insanity.

After it was all over, Austin’s Police Chief Art Acevedo stepped up to the mic in a press conference saying how city residents are “lucky” that police were able to find a solution as fast as they did putting a stop on McQuilliams.

But most interestingly and almost totally shocking, something else Chief Acevado hit a nerve with many watching the conference.

We must know “our neighbors” and even “our families”. These “lone wolves” keep “me up at night”, Acevado said reaching out to the general public.

“If you know somebody that’s acting with a lot of hatred towards a particular group especially if you know somebody who’s a gun enthusiast or they’re armed with this type of fire arms and they’re showing any type of propensity for hatred, doesn’t mean that we’re going to go and take them to jail, but we might want to vet these people. […] Tell somebody.”

Translated this means, ‘spy on your neighbors and if they have guns turn them in’.

Welcome to Nazi America.

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