Australia enforces $15K tax penalty for parents who don’t vaccinate

By Christina Sarich | Natural Society

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Social Services Minister Scott Morrison of Australia just announced a shocking and historic reform affecting parents who are concerned about vaccinating their children. Those who refuse to vaccinate their kids will be denied as much as $15,000 in childcare rebates and welfare under new rules by the Federal Government.

Aussies are calling it ‘no jab, no pay,’ and it is a sinister overreach of government into personal medical choice.

Previously, parents could refuse vaccination through a ‘conscientious objector’ loophole. Parents will still be able to resist immunizing their children on medical and religious grounds without financial penalty, but the removal of the “conscientious objector’ clause means that parents won’t simply be able point to point to the medical uncertainty that vaccines are safe as a reason to refuse them for their children.

Aside from some faulty logic behind vaccines, such as a baby getting a Hep B vaccine when Hep B is only contracted through needle sharing and sexual contact, companies charged with making vaccines were accused of withholding evidence that they caused unsavory side effects.

Nevermind a ‘conscientious’ refusal by parents who aren’t sold on the complete safety of vaccines. Now if they fail to immunize their children in Australia, they will no longer be paid either (or all of) the following:

  • A $200-a-week childcare benefit
  • The $7,500-a-year childcare rebate, or
  • The $726 Family Tax Benefit A annual supplement

In a family with two children, this could amount to as much as $30,000.

Australia currently boasts childhood vaccination rates of over 90% for under 5’s, but the number of vaccine refusers is growing steadily.

Prime Minister Abbott defends his position by stating:

“Parents who vaccinate their children should have confidence that they can take their children to child care without the fear that their children will be at risk of contracting a serious or potentially life-threatening illness because of the conscientious objections of others.”

If vaccines protect children from disease, what difference does it make if they are exposed to children who aren’t vaccinated?

Why do those who choose to vaccinate have more rights than those who chose not to?

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