AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality dominated by geoengineering activists at meeting *Video*

By Shepard Ambellas

Activists and concerned citizens alike converged on a recent ADEQ meeting in Arizona, pressing the issue of awareness

KINGMAN, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — Spokespeople for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) were shocked Wednesday, during their meeting, when activists converged on them with real questions, including ones about chemtrails and their effects on the human population. The meeting was reportedly set up as a smoke an mirrors spectacle by Sen. Kelli Ward, likely to sidetrack the public on geoengineering operations. However, the ADEQ found it tough to dodge real questions.

Activist Al DiCicco, who appeared in my documentary film SHADE the Motion Picture, asked, “Have you tested the rainwater? And if you haven’t, have you seen the results of our test?”. DiCicco went on to ask the ADEQ if it’s their responsibility to test the rainwater.

Luca Zanna, who also appeared in SHADE, later piped up, saying, “I’m talking about there is a real serious crisis, a health crisis […] There are at least 12 blood tests here […] that came back with very high levels of barium and some aluminum […] levels that go above 1000 percent. […] and we don’t no where this source is from, the barium.”

Derick Broze writing for wrote:

Senator Ward stated the meeting was a response to “relentless” communication from constituents who are concerned with vapor trails commonly called contrails or condensation trails. However, residents say the trails are not standard contrails but rather “chemtrails” being sprayed as part of a global program of  weather manipulation. One resident claimed the difference between contrails and chemical trails is easy to spot because the contrails are short and dissipate quickly, while the chemtrails are long, dragged out, and criss-cross the sky.

Meeting attendees listed a variety of reasons they believe the government is spraying. These include poisoning of the food and people to manipulating the weather patterns. Senator Ward and the ADEQ representatives repeatedly told attendees that they have no jurisdiction over chemical spraying whether it was happening or not. In a video of the meeting the frustration from citizens is easily seen.

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