Azealia Banks: Slave traders “owe us money”


Rapper/songwriter Azealia Banks gives her opinion on Twitter

By Shepard Ambellas

HARLEM, NY (INTELLIHUB.COM) — Rapper/songwriter Azealia Banks hung it all out on Twitter last Friday, defending all African-Americans, while going on a seemingly endless tirade after reading about a new documentary film telling a story of how one U.S. slave trading family built a dynasty from greed by trafficking African-American slaves on ships in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s.

According to the report, Mark Anthony DeWolf was the first slave trader in the family, the pioneer for his family’s wealth, which since “owned 46 ships” that would regularly trade “rum” for men, women, and children, in West-Africa, to later be sold at auction in Cuba and the U.S. as slaves.

Another Dewolf family member, James, was reported to be the “second richest man” in America at the time and was said to have worked with Thomas Jefferson.

The rapper posted a link to the story, on Dec. 26, 2014, kicking it all off.

Once Azealia Banks got fired up she kept it going, tweeting, “I wonder where the descendants of the “DeWolf” family are today. they should all have their houses burned and their finances seized.”

While oviously this was a provocation, Banks kept it going, calling for the youth of America to actively hunt “living decendants” of these families.

“This generation of young back kids needs to make a CONCERTED effort to seek out living descendants of major slave trading families.”

Banks went as far as to say, “They owe us money”.

“Jews and Native Americans all got reparations because they organized. Please don’t let my “beef” with hip-hop distract from what we need…”

Interestingly, Banks points out a few of the elites organizations to the masses, tweeting, “Aetna, New York Life Insurance Company, and JP Morgan and Chase all have deep connections to the Slave trade, and are…”

“Still holding on to that capital. They used the money they made from our flesh and blood to fund the Industrial revolution.”, she tweeted on.

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