Ballot Records Stolen During 2008 Elections Raise Suspicion



June 10, 2009

Shepard Ambellas

Questions surrounding Obama’s birth certificate and his citizenship status continue to surface. There seems to be overwhelming evidence stacking up against the President of the United States. People like Reverend James David Manning and Phil Berg have been tirelessly  exposing this illegal president any way they can.

Really this is a no brainier, it is very simple. Obama does not need any negative press, his popularity is already at an all time low. Obama has the ability to end these damaging allegations surrounding his birth certificate. If  he was truly legit, he would present his birth certificate. End of story.

Obama has yet another problem, his name is Tim Adams. Adams was the former elections clerk for Honolulu, and he claims that Obama was not born in Hawaii. “There is no birth certificate, not even a long form” Adams said.

During 2008 Adams job was to verify voters identity when he worked for the city and county of Honolulu. During that time Adams had complete access to the social security database, state drivers license info, passport information, and the national crime computer.

In 2008, there were conflicting reports on which hospital Obama was born at. Adams investigated  two hospital facilities, The Kapi’olani Medical Center and Queen’s Medical Center. Adams found that neither facility had a birth certificate for Obama.

Adams stated that, In my professional opinion, Obama was not born in the U.S. and there is no long form birth certificate that exists”.

“In 2008 there was a set of 50 identity documents stolen out of the office. The voting records that were sent in by members of the U.S. Foreign Service in the Pacific rim.” Adams said.

He continued on to say, ” Why this is so significant is these are ambassador’s and people who work in the embassy’s and so on around the Pacific. Whoever stole these ballots would know who voted for the current President”.

Adams believes that this is the way to find out who should remain involved with Obama’s staff and who should be fired.

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