Baltimore hospital shamelessly discharged ‘half-naked’ patient onto the street in 36-degree temperatures at night

Local hospital shamefully dumps woman wearing no underwear onto the street in freezing temperatures

BALTIMORE, Maryland (INTELLIHUB) — A former adjunct professor at Sojourner Douglass College Annapolis and psychotherapist named Imamu Baraka filmed security personnel from a local hospital drop off a blooded woman who was wearing only a hospital gown, no underwear, at a bus stop Wednesday night in 30-degree temperatures.

The woman, who appears to be mentally ill, and her belongings were dropped off on the side of frigid road near a bus stop by four security personnel.

“Wait! So y’all just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on?,” the man asked, as the four heartless individuals went back into the cozy warm building, shutting the door behind them.

“It is 30-degrees out here right now and I am not sure why this is even happening,” Baraka said.

Just seconds after that, the woman appeared to be fading out and ready to collapse right on the sidewalk so Baraka called the authorities who dispatched a team of individuals, paramedics, from the very same hospital to handle the situation.

So how did they handle it? You ask.

According to Baraka, “[…] they are going to take her back to the hospital that irresponsibly discharged her here on this bench with nothing but a hospital gown on and her clothing beside her. […] So the idea that they are going to take her back to the hospital that discharged her — that is so irresponsible.”

Baraka said that he is “disgusted by the lack of empathy” from the medical workers who were dispatched to recollect the woman.

Baraka claims that the ambulance driver told him that this was a ‘norm.’

Featured Image: Screenshot via Imamu Baraka/Facebook
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