Baltimore riots: Police and National Guard snatch and grab activist on live TV

Protester is “disappeared” after National Guard Humvee closes in

By Alex Thomas

Baltimore, MD (INTELLIHUB) — Footage taken during a live CNN broadcast shows a protester being “disappeared” after a snatch and grab conducted by the National Guard and the Baltimore police.

Joseph Kent of Morgan State University was grabbed after protesting in front of a line of police officers shortly after the mandatory curfew went into effect. The curfew was imposed with the help of the Maryland National Guard, giving citizens a glimpse into what a martial law scenario will look like.

Despite the curfew violation, Kent appears to be peacefully protesting in the video which was apparently enough reason for the National Guard and police to set up the snatch and grab with their Humvee perfectly angled to block media cameras.

Although some of the violence carried about by segments of the protesters in Baltimore was absolutely criminal, the arrival of the National Guard and direct targeting of American citizens for snatch and grabs is extremely alarming and paints a clear picture of the American police state.

National Guard allowed back into capitol after being evicted to a parking garage

Sadly, instead of fighting the police state, the establishment press on both sides are dividing us along racial lines in an attempt to stop all races of Americans from uniting against tyranny.

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SHOCK VIDEO: Police and National Guard Conduct Snatch and Grab on LIVE TV – The Free Thought Project

Video courtesy of Sizzling Hot News/YouTube

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