“Baltimore Spectator” James MacArthur Tells Reporters That Police Planted a Shotgun in his House after SWAT Standoff

By JG Vibes
December 7, 2012

All week The Intellihub has been doing a series of exclusive reports on the story of Frank James MacArthur, founder of the “Baltimore Spectator” activist blog and radio show.

After years of exposing crooked cops and politicians in his community MacArthur became a target for police aggression, even more so recently because he was beginning to publicize information that would cost a few people high up in local government their jobs and reputations.

This past Saturday MacArthur was the victim of an elaborate kidnapping where dozens of armed SWAT team members were sent by the state to coax him out of his house and snatch him up so he could be taken to the Baltimore City dungeons, where he remains today.

Throughout this experience MacArthur broadcasted everything worldwide, as a part of his radio show, even a full two hour negotiation with the Baltimore City Police Department.

MacArthur wanted to cover all of his bases for his own safety, and for good reason.

The police have already broken all of their promises as expected.  Just days ago we reported that police vandalized his house, and smashed out his window, after guaranteeing the security of the building.

MacArthur was denied bail because police claim to have found a shotgun in his house, which he is not allowed to have due to his probation.

While this is no reason to prevent someone from being able to defend themselves, MacArthur has now come forward saying that the gun isn’t his.

CBS Reported that:

“Before a contentious bail review, the local blogger and journalist said that police have a vendetta against him and he would never harm a soul.

He was surprised to hear that his Baltimore Spectator website was still up and running and proud of the worldwide attention his standoff received; it was heard by thousands.

The standoff began Saturday as police served a warrant related to a gun charge. They said MacArthur made threats online but he told WJZ he was only joking.

Adding to his problems, police say they found a shotgun and ammo in his home and filed new charges against him. MacArthur claims he never had a weapon.”

Since the government courts that we have access to in the United States and most other countries throughout the world are a forced monopoly, the judge didn’t buy MacArthur’s story.

But what else would be expected when the judge and accuser belong to the very same organization?  Is not this the definition of a kangaroo court?

It is also alarming that comments made on twitter can lead to such a reaction from the police department, sending a SWAT team in for a nonviolent charge, but this seems to be becoming standard procedure among law enforcement in America.

The Baltimore City Police Department has a deep history of corruption and planting evidence on innocent people.

Just a few years ago there was a massive scandal involving “Flex Squads” who worked for the BCPD and planted evidence on people to ramp up convictions.

According to the Wikipedia page for the BCPD:

“A rash of high profile corruption and brutality allegations have surfaced in late 2005 and early 2006, including the suspensions and arrests of Southwestern District flex squad officers for the alleged rape of a 22 year old woman they had taken into custody for illegal possession of narcotics. All criminal charges against the accused officers have since been dropped.

Stories surfaced about flex squad officers planting evidence on citizens. Murder charges were dropped by the city when it was revealed that a gunman was dropped off in rival gang territory after a police interrogation in a squad car. The man was beaten badly and exacted his revenge the next day. The squad’s role in the shooting prompted State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy to drop the charges.”

This is the kind of corruption that MacArthur was exposing and from someone who spends a lot of time in the city of Baltimore I can say for sure that the kind of abuse that was brought to light years ago is still a systematic problem today.

With that being said it is likely that the story goes even far deeper than we have discussed thus far, so this is a topic that The Intellihub will be covering at length in the coming weeks and months.


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