Band caught in deadly Paris theater attack finally speaks out



‘The attack lasted 10-15 minutes’

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — The Eagles of Death Metal were on stage when one of the recent Paris terror attacks broke out. And now the members of the band decided to talk in a Vice News tell-all.

We were an hour into our set when “I thought it was the PA cracking up–and then I realized real quick that it wasn’t–and then I recognized what it was,” Eden Galindo the guitarist for the Eagles of Death Metal told Vice, describing how the Paris attackers charged into the Bataclan venue.

“At that time, Jessie, he ran towards me and we went in the corner of the stage.”

“We didn’t know if they were targeting us or what was going on,” Galindo explained.

The guitarist went on to give the chilling details of an encounter one of his “crew” had with one of the gunmen and how he managed to move to safety once the gunman was forced to reload after ripping a full clip, which reduced defenseless soles trapped inside the theater into a bloody pulp.

They were “relentlessly shooting into the audience,” said Julian Dorio, the band’s drummer, who crawled across toward an exit door.

All we could do is “hope for the best,’ Bassist Matt McJunkins said, we hid in a “room.”

‘I had a champagne bottle for a weapon.’

Jesse Hughes, the band’s co-founder and vocalist, said at one point the shooter turned and even lowered his gun toward him but the terrorist accidentally hit his rifle on the door-frame giving him time to escape.

There was blood all over the band explained; people were shot.

“I think he had a backpack on” with more magazines in it,” the sound guy explained.

‘He shot at me and it hit the console.’

Shockingly it was also mentioned by one of the band’s members that the shooting took place for a good ‘ten to fifteen minutes.’

Hughes the band’s vocalist was the most visibly shaken of the bunch by far. He honestly looked as if he was seriously traumatized,; and for good reason.

Amazingly several survivors of the attack were said to have been saved by the band’s gear which shielded them from a suicide bombers blast.

“I can not wait to get back to Paris. I can not wait to play. […] I want to be the first band to play the Bataclan when it opens back up,” the vocalist told Vice.

“Our friends went there to see rock and roll and died–I want to go back there and live,” Hughes said.

The next step

The band plans to donate the all the money from a song of theirs called “I Love You All the Time” and challenges all genres of musicians from “country” to “death metal” to cover the song and donate the money to the victims. Our label will donate “the publishing on the master side.”

“Any of those recovering in the hospital […] if they need a phone call from us or whatever,” they can have it said Hughes.

The band gave encouraging messages to the victims and all of those who have offered support.

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