Bank exec held against will, forced to take drugs, for claiming to own BMW which she in fact owned

One woman's story of being targeted by the state


LONG ISLAND, NY (INTELLIHUB) — A bank exec by the name of Kamilah Brock told PIX 11 News that she was forcefully held by authorities against her will in a story that is almost hard to believe.

Brock said she woke up in a medical facility, after a “doctor” stuck her “in the arm,” to people taking her “clothes off,” specifically her “underwear.” Several days later the Brock woke up again and described the real life scenario she endured as a “nightmare.”

It all started when she was cruising in her BMW with the radio on and was taken to the police station by an officer who pulled her over for not having her “hands on the wheel,” according to the victim who was later released with no charges filed. However, when Brock returned the next day to pick up her impounded vehicle, things got worse.

When Brock showed up at a police substation the next day, the woman claims police belittled her in disbelief that she actually ‘owned a BMW,’ and placed her in handcuffs. Moments later, the Brock said, EMS was ‘taking her to her car’ — however, that never happened and the woman found herself in a mental facility at Harlem Hospital, where she said she was forced to take medication despite the fact that she has no history of mental illness.

The bank exec’s lawyer told PIX 11:

“She has absolutely no history of mental illness okay — to brand her for being mentally ill for the sole reason that she claims to own a BMW, which she in fact owns, to claim that she’s a business woman, a banker, which she is, is something that’s absurd.”


A lawsuit is playing out in court.

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