Baseless FISA warrant issued in Oct. targets Trump and associates


FISA wiretap warrant on Trump Tower is real, sources say

A November 7, 2016, Heatstreet exclusive report concludes that a wiretap warrant was in fact issued by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court thus allowing authorities to secretly surveil Trump and associates and their alleged ties to Russia.

The FISA warrant was flagrantly granted from within the Obama Administration in Oct. 2016 after an initial request was turned down by the court in June which listed Donald Trump as a specific target.

Shockingly the warrant’s request may have been based on what a malware hunter, who goes by the name of “Tea Leaves,” purportedly discovered in the spring of 2016 while on a quest to find out if the Russian’s were indeed meddling with the U.S. electoral system.

While rifling through Trump Tower server logs specifically for the domain “” Tea Leaves allegedly found what looked like malware emanating from Russia while looking into irregular data patterns which researchers later said they discovered were human chatter, as reported by Slate on Oct. 31, 2016.

But a screen capture of an earlier whois request for “” shows that the domain is registered to “Cendyn,” which nothing more than a hotel marketing company as reported by Infowars’ Mikael Thalen on Nov. 1 in an article titled ‘Trump Server Communicating With Russia’ Story Gets Debunked.

Screen capture
Screen capture

According to Heatstreet, “The FISA warrant was granted in connection with the investigation of suspected activity between the server and two banks, SVB Bank and Alfa Bank. However, it is thought in the intelligence community that the warrant covers any ‘US person’ connected to this investigation, and thus covers Donald Trump and at least three further men who have either formed part of his campaign or acted as his media surrogates.”

After taking in the big picture, it’s safe to say that the Deep State in conjunction with the Obama Admin used FISA and may still be using FISA to extort their number one political enemy — Donald J. Trump. And it’s clear they don’t plan on giving up without at fight.

A barrage of baseless attacks on President Trump continued in the press early this week following several controversial tweets the president made on Sunday in which he accused Barack Obama of ordering a wiretap on Trump Tower leading up to the election.

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