By JG Vibes
November 16, 2012

James Holmes, the suspect in the movie theater shooting that happened earlier this year in Colorado has been taken to a hospital after multiple suicide attempts, according to his lawyer.

In addition, his next hearing has also been postponed by the judge overseeing the trial.

The AFP reported that:

“The court date has been postponed until December 10, after Holmes’s lawyers requested an emergency court session following Tuesday’s incident, said Colorado state courts spokesman Robert McCallum.

The defense lawyer told the judge that there was an “incident that required Mr Holmes to go to the hospital yesterday, and it would not be something that would resolve itself by tomorrow”

Westword blog discussed the incidences more in depth, saying that:

“In the first incident, Holmes is said to have stood on his bed, then fallen backwards in an apparent attempt to bang his head.

The second time around, he reportedly ran from one side of his cell to the other in order to thump his head against a wall. And sources tell the station he simply hit his head against the wall on attempt number three.

These assorted efforts didn’t result in wounds that would have been visible to those attending this morning’s hearing had it been held as scheduled, 9News maintains. But while sources cited by the outlet describe Holmes’s actions as “not aggressive,” that description is certainly up for debate.

Expect the staff at the Arapahoe County jail where he’s being held to keep an even closer eye on Holmes than they do already do — especially as the newly scheduled December 10 make-up hearing nears.”

Since the shooting there has been a wide range of evidence surfacing that directly contradict the official version of events, leading many to believe that this attack was staged.

It is very common for these types of controversial murder cases to end with the death of the suspect before the trial is even over, and it is always possible that this case will turn out the same way.

Many of those cases are probobly legitimate suicides, because murderers don’t have a whole lot to live for once they get caught, but some of these high profile cases are highly suspicious, like the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, for example.

This trial with James Holmes will be important to keep an eye on as the court hearings progress.

It is likely that many details about the shooting will remain unknown, but it is still possible that more could be revealed throughout the trial.

The following is a 9News report on these recent events:


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