BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall Confesses on Charges of Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia

Another BBC broadcaster admits to pedophilia. Stuart Hall, age 83 has confessed to sexually abusing 13 victims between the ages of 9 and 17 from 1968 to 1986.

Stuart Hall
Stuart Hall

By JG Vibes
May 3, 2013

Although the mainstream media didn’t recognize the crimes committed by Jimmy Savile until after his death, there were many instances throughout his career where he was accused or implicated in child abuse cases.

In most cases he was able to avoid a whole lot of legal trouble and public scrutiny due to his media celebrity and his close ties to the power of the royal family.

The fallout from the Jimmy Savile case has probably just begun, but the backlash has already been considerable for anyone who has dared to speak out on the issue, with some people at the BBC even losing their jobs.

In the midst of these revelations there has been an increased attention on pedophilia in the entertainment industry and in state institutions like charities and children’s homes. There has also been an increased attention on old cases that Savile may have escaped from during his career.

Additionally, other broadcasters at the BBC have also come under suspicion.  Most recently BBC anchor Stuart Hall admitted to sexually assaulting multiple children.

According to Press TV:

The former It’s A Knockout presenter was branded as an “opportunistic predator” by prosecutors after admitting he had carried out a series of attacks on girls, from whom the youngest aged just nine. The 83-year-old, however, had previously denied the allegations against him, saying the charges were “pernicious, callous” and “cruel”. Hall entered the guilty pleas last month at Preston Crown Court but they can only be revealed now after reporting restrictions were lifted.

Hall will be sentenced June 17 and is released on bail.

A BBC spokesperson said in a statement: “The BBC is appalled by the disgraceful actions of Stuart Hall, and we would like to express our sympathy to his victims. We will continue to work with the police to assist them in this and any other inquiries they are making.”

However, with so many presenters from the network turning out to be pedophiles, it is leaving many to wonder what kind of activity is condoned by the state run British broadcaster.

A report in The Guardian said the BBC  also is working with the police to discover whether any of the offenses took place on BBC premises.


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